Spring Trips from Kilmore Quay VillageSpring Trips from Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford

Here is another ideal day excursion from Kilmore Quay, on a Spring or Summers day, traveling along the beautiful, scenic Wexford coastline, with plenty of historic sites to visit along the way

BAGINBUN BAY near the Hook Peninsula is noted as the place where Raymond “le Gros” Fitzgerald landed in May 11 70 with a small party of Normans, Flemings and Welsh as part of the Norman invasion . Slowly the peninsula was conquered by the Normans who then made their way along the coast and eventually to Dublin where under Strongbow they You 8th of overestablished their headquarters. The rest is past and present history!!!

You will see plenty of historic landmarks along the way that are worth stopping at to gather more information.

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